Covid-19 Security Measures


Starting like just an ordinary disease, COVID-19, better known as Corona Virus, has unleashed itself all around the world with no country left powerful enough to prevent it. Starting near the end of 2019, the COVID-19 virus has spread to the entire world within just a few months. Not just the virus has brought its wraith on the developed countries, but even all the continents are affected by this virus, as well. Starting as just common flu, this virus is so lethal that it can even result in death.

However, the best precaution and prevention up till now that the government and all the nations have come across is a quarantine, or some might as well say it as a lockdown. Even though the precaution seems like the worst decision as the daily routines have been disrupted by it, but it is also a better option to choose until a cure is found.

Since everyone is afraid due to the harms of this virus, therefore, many customers are worried about their products, as well. Amidst all this chaos, the main point of their concern is the following queries:

Frequently Asked Questions For COVID-19

1) Are the products being delivered safe and free from the virus?

Yes, of course, the products delivered from our store are completely safe and secure from any kind of virus or disease. Not just that, to make sure of safety, we provide our customers with the best-quality packing, which are sterile as well as clean and healthy to the environment. Other than that, our quality management team also makes sure of the safety of the product. In addition to that, since it takes more than a week for our products to be delivered mostly, therefore, the virus doesn’t stand a chance to survive. To add more to the facts, the COVID-19 virus cannot penetrate the fabric of the products easily.

2) Are your products shipped from China?

Well, Marx Leather Jacketshas more than one wardrobe, But we dont ship from China. Our wardrobes are located across various regions, including the USA. In addition to that, if you need more queries, then you can visit our shipping policy, as well. However, once again, we make sure to provide you with our best due to which we make sure of the safety of the product, as well.

3) Do you take preventive measures during the manufacture of products?

YES, taking safety measures at work is one of our top priorities. Each and every product manufactured at our store is not forwarded unless its safety and cleanliness are assured. After being assured of its hygiene, we then pack our products and send it for further procedure. During all these processes, our quality management team is involved in every step, as well. So, yes, our products are safely manufactured with all the safety measures been taken.

In the end, we would like to state that even though the virus has spread itself onto the whole world and is even further spreading, we are trying our best to assure your safety with our products. Other than that, the best advice for customers would be to stay safe at home and do not go out unnecessarily. Still, you can trust our store without any doubts. In the end, once again, we would like to say to everyone: STAY SAFE!

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